NEW 2014 Tour is Set – Stay Tuned !!

2012 Country Done Come To Town | Crowd | Illusions Nightclub

New Bands, New Acoustics, New Faces and of Course your FAVORITES! Make sure you check back with us in teh next week or two, also check out FACEBOOK !! CDCTT !

I want to Dedicate This Page to Cassie Allinger who did all the set up and foundation for this site. We can never repay her for what she has done. She is an awesome person and we love her…. CDCTT couldnt have been on the web in the capacity it is if it wasnt for her….


  1. Somehow, in my excitement, I missed commenting after the 2nd show at Letchworth Pines! Great, rowdy crowd, packed dance floor, high level of excitement from the first band to the last note. As with Illusions, we were invited back on the spot for next year!

    Headed to the Jukebox the following week for the 3rd show, to the best crowd that venue has hosted in years – standing room only even on the dance floor and a line out the door for admittance! Country music is alive and well in this area and we were delighted at the many new faces that came to check out the excitement!

    HUGE, HUGE thanks to the venues, staff, entertainers and the fans for giving us a chance to provide you with a memorable evening of country music entertainment!

  2. Wow, she said a mouth full. But I agree 100%. This wouldn’t work without every piece of the puzzle. I am happy to say “Hell Yeah” we are keeping it going forward and showing we have some of the best, talented and real musicians in the state working with the CDCTT, NOT TO MENTION THE BEST FANS!!!

  3. I’d like to first thank Cassie for her devotion to CDCTT and for keeping this website up to date for us!
    Secondly, I’d like to thank all of the musicians for bringing their A game to each and every show!
    Third, I’d like to thank all of the clubs that believed in us and gave us a chance to prove this idea would succeed.
    And last, I’d like to thank all of you enthusiastic die hard country music loving fans for supporting CDCTT!!
    We promise – each year will get better!

  4. Love these Pics, Thank you for sharing these…awesome!!!


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