Rochester Country Music Hall of Fame

Remembering those that Traveled the Dirt Road of Country Music for theĀ Future of Rochester, New York’sĀ Musicians

Tom Caulfield

tom c

The List Goes On:

  • Paul McDowell
  • Fred DeCarr
  • Tommy Young
  • Warren (Wes) Bloom
  • Big John Jacobs
  • Bud Guild
  • Wimpie Durrand
  • Little Janie
  • Bill Madison
  • Sharon Arnold
  • Frank Hill SR
  • Tom Dupre’
  • Pat Torpe
  • Donnie Lee Bailes
  • Mike Tete
  • Cliff Jacobs
  • Danny Jackson
  • Billy Cole
  • Danny Ray
  • Steve Waldo


  • Dave Donnelly
  • Tom Caulfield



*Note we do not claim to know many of these people personally but the names have been donated to share as a remembrance of those that came before us, in hopes that someone will remember.

We realize some of the names may be mispelled, but without knowing these people or the relatives, faults such as this may happen. Also we will not refuse any names for the Hall of Fame to those that have helped create a path of Country Music in and around the Rochester area. Thank you.